Social Distancing and Self-Quarantine

Social Distancing and Self-Quarantine:

As you know it’s the time of Coronavirus. Millions of people are suffering from coronavirus and thousands are dead from this. More than 128 countries have done lockdown in their places. People aren’t allowed to visit out and meet other people. We all are listening to news that has “social distances” or have a “quarantine” day life till two to three weeks but actually, we don’t know why all these steps are important…!

Why Social Distancing and Self-Quarantine Is Important?

Coronavirus is a virus that can be spread from person to person, thing to thing, person to a thing or thing to a person. Suppose if you stop meeting people but start your day in between them then how would you know then that the pen which you are taking from a friend carries that virus or not?

Definitely, you don’t know and nobody knows all this as we cannot see the virus from the naked eye. So, that is why social distancing and self-quarantine is important. It is not true that when summer will come to that virus it will be finished but that fact is true that if you do a little social distancing and do some quarantine time at home for some weeks; this virus will be finished by himself.

CoV is Main Reason of Social Distancing:

Coronavirus is really a bad and dangerous virus, you should know about symptoms and facts of it from us through our articles of CoV or Coronavirus transmission, etc. You should know much about this to avoid yourself from this harmful and dreadful virus. A little patience can cure you and this world again. Spending some time at home will also help you to do self-hygiene. Time to time washing hands will let you know what the importance of hygiene in your life is.

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