Earth Day , Reasons and Ways Of Celebrating Earth Day

Earth Day , Reasons and Ways Of Celebrating Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated on 22 April everywhere but many of us don’t know why we would celebrate the Earth day so this article is just for you if you want to know why we celebrate Earth Day every year and how we can celebrate it in a good manner.

Why Do We Celebrate Earth Day?

Earth day is celebrated on 22 April, but we celebrate it because our planet is disturbed by us. Our planet gives us water, food, plants but what do we do? We give it smoke, pollution, massive gases and many types of these things and destroy it.

How can we forget the use of paper from trees? How can we neglect the chairs we sit all today on and are made from trees? How can we ignore that we are continuously using the water of earth and somehow we are making it polluted? Not just this, but we pollute our houses, our roads, our environment and make our earth ill. The smoke and gas of sprays, cars, combustion oils, factories, chimneys and many other things like this are creating our Earth dull day by day. So, to give importance to our beautiful Earth we celebrate Earth Day.

How We Can Celebrate Earth Day?

We can plant more trees; we can avoid the use of gas and those combustion oils which are polluting our environment. On every Earth day we should take small but important steps to save our planet. Our planet is the most beautiful and lively in the solar system so we can make it more green every Earth Day. We can tell people about the importance of Earth Day and Earth.


Earth day shouldn’t be celebrated only one day, we should take care of our planet daily. We should use some alternatives to avoid gas and harmful polluted options which are destroying our planet. We should celebrate it daily as much as we can. Yes, no doubt we cannot lessen the use of factories but we can plant more trees and can find other ways of making paper and chairs and many other things which are made from wood. We should put our garbage in a separate garbage box; we should not burn that garbage. And many other important steps should be taken by us to save the world.

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