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Alexander Loginov (biathlon)

Russia’s Alexander Loginov shot scrub to win his first-ever IBU World Championship, taking the men’s sprint Gold medal this evening in Antholz in 22:48.1. France’s Quentin Fillon Maillet, with one sanction and retribution, won the Silver medal, with one retribution, 6.5 seconds back.

Loginov started executive in the late 2012–13 season, taking the bronze medal in stalking in Holmenkollen and gold as a lump of the relay team in Sochi. He is an amazing person you have as a celebrity or player etc. You won’t regret it if you are his fan. He won many international games.

Alexander Loginov (biathlon) Career:

Loginov was short-term suspended by IBU 25 November 2014, after re-testing an illustration of his from the show of 26 November 2013 manifest he’d been doping with EPO.

Loginov comes back to the sport in the 2016–17 season, getting bronze with his retail team at the Biathlon World Championships 2017. In the next season, Loginov while failing to last in the top 3 progressed, finishing 23rd in the comprehensive standings. The 2018–19 season was to date his best season, being one of the prime Russian biathletes. He won his first WC cup title in Oberhof, Germany in 10 km sprint, after two second-place and two third-place last.

Biathlete from Norway the Willow Hosted Christiansen, unlike his teammates, did not censure the Russian Alexander Loginov who won the sprint at the World Championships in Italy. According to Norwegian, the athlete from Russia justifiably won the race.

“The words had a dark past connected with the use of illegal drugs. But now he’s competing with everyone in identical conditions. We should respect the rules and acknowledge that in the race he was higher-ranking than us,” said Christiansen NRK.

Earlier, many Scandinavian athletes have spoken out hostile to Loginova performances at the World Cup, remembering his interruption for doping.

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