20 Facts About Vagina That Can Help You To Know More About You

20 Facts About Vagina That Can Help You To Know More About You

Vagina is the most private part of girls body.

You always want to know more about you, sometimes you want to know about your stars, your nature, your zodiac signs but sometimes you want to know about your body parts.

Yes…! That’s true, people like us even don’t know many facts about your body part. For you today’s article is written about vagina and vaginal thoughts.

How Can We Define Vagina?

A vagina is known as the birth canal for those who give birth to children. The vagina fixes with the cervix and, through that, the uterus.

The ovaries release eggs infertile people who are located on either side of the uterus. These eggs travel down the fallopian tubes to the uterus, where they meet up with sperm for fertilization and insert along the uterine wall.

Small Facts About Vagina That Can Help You To Know More About You:

  1. Not every woman is born with hymen which means your hymen is not the symbol of virginity.
  2. Labia can come in any size and shape
  3. Your vagina contains a little bit of yeast in it
  4. Walls of Vagina are pleated
  5. The vagina can be of different colors, not every woman has the same color of the vagina. And the body colors do not surely affect the vagina.
  6. The depth of the vagina is 3 to 7 inches which means a woman can take up to 3 to 7 inches inside.
  7. Your pub has a purpose
  8. Getting discharge is normal but making it normal isn’t good for health and mind.
  9. Your vagina is self-cleaning part
  10. Your vagina can’t change especially when you give birth to a child.
  11. When you give birth, doctors advise a woman not to get involved in sex activities at least up to six weeks.
  12. No two vaginas smell the same
  13. Not all people with vaginas are women
  14. Vagina gets to tear up after childbirth.
  15. You can get “wet” without involving in sex
  16. Vagina gets deeper when you are turned on
  17. You can’t lift your weight with your vagina
  18. Some people have two vaginas
  19. Childbirth doesn’t stretch your vagina permanently
  20. Use body-safe sex toys if you do masturbation.


Your pussy, vagina and down part is a secret part of your body. You cannot show this part to everyone. Your vagina is sensitive too so you need to take extra care of such part of the body which is sensitive. The above facts will let you know more about your vagina and will help you to take precautionary measures if you find something bad regarding this.

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