Johar Town Scandal

Johar Town Scandal:

So here we are with the hot issue that is nowadays very famous on social media and television; police raid at Johar Town, a very viral video on social media nowadays. Today, we are going to talk on these all types of topics, Johar Town Police had raid on a house and find many boys and girls busy in explicit activities in different rooms of the houses, not only this but yes police Cops also find many different girls and boys in objectional conditions in different rooms doing the objectionable work.

Our Youth and Objectional Things They are doing:

If we go to the detail of that scandal that video than one of the policeman was filming all of the same because they want to show the world and want to show Pakistan that what is going on nowadays and other policeman was grabbing the girls and boys in the objectionable condition and nude condition. The language the policeman use with the boys and girls was very rude because what they see was extremely shameful for not only Pakistan but also all the parents and youth.

Cinema Viral Video:

Not this but also a few days back if we note the issue of cinema. What we find there? We found a girl and the boy doing extremely bad and objectionable things in the cinema, what does cinema is providing to youth? Or what the youth is just getting from the cinema? The raid in the Johar town and that viral video of the cinema shows that our Pakistan and young ones are going to the bad company and in the wrong way.

Pakistan’s Progress and Detail Of Cinema Videos:

Pakistan is on the third number of the world in which p*** movies are searched and seen. And the boys and girls whatever they see on that p*** movies are trying to do nowadays, as we have seen in that viral cinema videos. Cinema viral videos were started from a man where he lost something in the cinema and the CCTV footage was open just to see that who take his things over but when the CCTV footage was seen many of these types of videos come in front of the society. that was videos from the Emporium Cinemas and the most important thing which we are going to mention here that Punjab Police is not allowed in the Emporium cinema if any kind of misunderstanding happens in that mall then Emporium staff will handle it not the Punjab police and this is one of the main issue and one of the biggest reason that why that video went so much viral in the social media.

And the Raid in the Johar Town is now a big question mark to our youth and the whole of the world.

Do many questions arise after these viral videos like what the environment Cinemas are providing to our youth? What are people getting from the p*** videos just the objection all things? Why we are on the third number of searching the p*** and such type of videos searching on the sex? Is a youth-promoting p*** to the world? Is our youth not becoming a Technologist or not becoming a scientist but they are becoming up p*** star?

Couples Are Youth:

Not only these videos but we found many of the couples around the parks and have kissed under the trees. And not just this, the model town Park of Lahore is also a very famous part for the couples. Is that necessary that a girl and a boy will always be a couple or will be a couple in the future after their friendship or will they have just sex? Or people go to the cinema or if we say that couples go to the cinema not just to watch the movie or to watch something new but just 2 promote the p ***, adjust to release their selves, just to discharge themselves? Is this a Pakistan? Is this that Pakistan which the Allama Iqbal dreamt of? We are finding many of these things in your surroundings but we just neglect saying that it is your society or it is nowadays culture or it is now a tradition that a girl and a boy can sit together. Yes… the girl and a boy can sit together but cannot have their sexual attachment because

Zana is haram in Islam.

Not this but if we mention about Johar town raid issued and police also discovered drugs and other sexual stuff in the raid while making a video of girls and boys; making the public angry and other illegal thing in Johar town police raid video scandal was that Police started the investigation from accused persons inside the same house rather than Talking them to police station later on it was discovered that Police let these girls and boys go after taking rights and no first investigation report was made in any of police station of Lahore City. Not only this even one of the victims of a police raid in the Johar town scandal was working in the house as a gatekeeper who take care of police and a police raid. Many girls came there and many men visit their house just for seeking their sexual pleasure. Even one girl who was caught in the Johar town police raid told that she is visiting the house for a couple of days and a man name Ashraf book her for providing a sexual player to the customers. This video became viral on social media. Not this issue but that’s an issue to was very viral but not that issue Model Town park in Lahore is also famous for this type of couples who came there and do the objectionable things in front of the other people.

Response Of Public On Viral Videos:

Social media users responded on Johar town police raid videos Sandle and the video was shared thousands of time on Facebook, many of them called it wrong action of the police and many of saying that it is right to say that the girls and boys deserve the beating because they were doing the wrong activities. All the agreed that Police shouldn’t have the same these boys and girls in such a shameful situation but we cannot say that Police did a wrong thing even we can appreciate the police for porting such an objectionable and bloody thing. After this, we have many questions in your mind as we have discussed it before but now one more question that why the girls are getting raped over and over again and again in Pakistan nowadays why the raped chart is getting greater and greater and just going on increasing nowadays? Have you forgotten the girl that name was enough for that girl who was Re when she was 9 years old if you don’t remember the names then you should remember that girl who was raped but she was only three years old? Only girls are bad not only boys are bad but or the environment is getting worse and worse day by day. We have forgotten that sex is just allowed without a wife and your husband and even the Quran says that take care of your body but we are forgetting our Islam And our teachings.

But from where it was started, that an important question nowadays? Know the important questions now a day is that we should take care of the youth and tell them where we are going and why we are going!!! What are your teachings and what is your limit?

We need to grow our minds.

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