Boris Johnson Coronavirus Tests Positive

Boris Johnson Coronavirus Tests Positive:

We got really bad and latest new that Prime Minister Boris Johnson test got positive about Coronavirus. Now Boris Johnson is also the patient of Coronavirus and that is really a bad news. He said that from last 24 hours he was feeling the symptoms but after testing, it is approved that Boris Johnson the Prime Minister has gotten Coronavirus.

What Is Latest News About Patients Of Coronavirus in UK:

If you want to know that what is the condition of coronavirus in UK than we would tell you that till today the total number of UK deaths from Coronavirus is up to 759, with 14,579 confirmed cases.

Moreover the Boris Johnson said he will do self-isolation and will work from home, he won’t meet anyone and will try to cure from this worst condition. All UK people are praying for him as they are praying for their loved ones too.

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