Is Masturbation Good For Health?

Is Masturbation Good For Health?

Masturbation is self-stimulating your genitals to reach your orgasm sexually. Boys and girls both can do this and both have different manners and mediums to do. The way of doing masturbation is different because of physical appearance of men and women. Women have vagina and men don’t have vagina so women can use sex-toys, hands and many other things to satisfy their sexual needs and men mostly uses their hands. Even now men can use toys but I don’t recommend you because this can give much pain to any man and is somehow harmful in its own matter.

Is It Normal To Masturbate?

Yes, it is normal to masturbate but over masturbating can harm you and injurious to health. Masturbation can help to release tension, stress and can be helpful to achieve you a good mood after sexual need. It can be helpful for girls who are single or don’t rely on men. Those girls can do it. I again say, over masturbating can harm but masturbating helps know your sexual needs. After masturbating you will know how much time it takes to masturbate and how long you can enjoy that feel.

Masturbation Can Affect Your Periods?

No masturbation cannot help in any manner to affect your periods because birth has different work and reason in the body. Menstrual cycle is for the reproductive system and masturbation just gives you a safe side sexual feeling nothing much.

What To Use For Masturbation?

Girls can use hands and can reach orgasm in their way. Moreover girls can use toys and sex-material made for girls for masturbation. There are many methods to masturbate because it just cannot do on bed but yes where and when you feel comfortable and cozy. Girls can do masturbation in different poses and this will help them to enjoy their safe-sex pleasurably.

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