Student Affairs Coordinator Jobs in Montreal Canada

Jobs in Montreal Canada. Need Excellent interpersonal skills; ability to deal effectively with students, faculty, staff. Under the direction of the immediate supervisor, he provides administrative and secretarial support to administrative and student activities. Participates in ensuring the smooth running of the unit’s operations. You are responsible for the documents and files of the unit. Serves as a non-applicant of policies and procedures. Directs activities related to admission, examinations, registration and graduation. He advises students and solves problems regarding their files.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

You act as a resource person in relation to education and administrative policies and procedures. It solves problems within the binding environment.

It looks for relevant documentation and liaises with the appropriate internal and external resources to find and provide information on a variety of complex issues.

He advises students about their files. It solves problems. According to the requirements of the unit, it facilitates the rotation of accommodation and other student work schedules, liaising with the officials required to coordinate and ensure inclusion.

Identifies and verifies graduate student files. Prepares diploma application forms and lists of graduates. Prepare meeting documents, attend and assist with the event.

It keeps the manager’s agenda. Sets appointments, reminds manager of appointments and organizes the schedule in advance.

Meeting schedules, stakeholder contacts and correspondence rooms.

Finds and monitors calls. Provides information to visitors, determines the reason for the visit and prepares the required documents.

The list of duties and responsibilities described above does not represent a complete and detailed list of duties that may be performed by an employee whose position is similar to that of a general job description.

Other Qualifications and / or Skills:

Excellent interpersonal skills; the ability to deal effectively with students, faculty, staff and the general public. Facilitating technologies and powerful capabilities in Microsoft Office Suite, social media, communication tools, and conducting virtual conferences; Good attention to detail, high organizational skills and performance and to identify and maintain student records, to work in a high volume environment and respond to change. Ability to work in an environment focused on working as team members and independently.

Jobs in Montreal Canada

Basic Education and Experience:

DEP – Office Systems Age-Related Experience / DEP – Secretarial Studies

Hourly Salary:

(MUNACA 10A Level) $ 23.40 – $ 32.28

Hours per week:

99 (Full Time)


Student Affairs Management (ER)

Post Termination Date (If required):

Application deadline:


McGill University employs on the basis of merit and is deeply committed to equality and diversity within its community. We welcome applications from racist / minority minorities, women, indigenous peoples, people disabilities, minorities, people with minimal sexual orientation and gender identity, people with the skills and knowledge to successfully engage in diverse communities. McGill uses the workplace equity program and encourages elected team members to identify themselves. People with disabilities who expect to need accommodation in any part of the application process may contact, in confidence, or 514-398-3711.

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Jobs in Montreal Canada:

Jobs in Montreal Canada

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