Do Not Marry A Guy Who Has These 14 Habits

When we talk about living life, we think of our life partner. But we all are not the same. Dating and relationships are part of life but some people have many different perspectives about it. Some of us want to live our life with someone who can take care of us, who can make love between us, some of us don’t go for dating and relationships, and they just go for marriage direct and have a successful life after. Even Some of us don’t have a successful marriage life; some of us even don’t want to get married. Some of us are also who can make dating and relationship but they don’t believe in marriage or life-long things. So, in the end, we come to know that we all have different ways of thinking.

Talking about men and women; they both have different angles of seeing life. Some girls or ladies get married by their parents’ choice, some of them have a love marriage, and some of them even don’t want to get married. So,

Here are the reasons why some women don’t want to get married:

Cheating phobia:

Women are afraid of cheating, they see things and life emotionally and many men if cheat their wives then this does not just affect one woman, it affects many of those women who are interlinked with her. Women need that I who is going to be with him for a lifetime should be loyal and should not cheat on her and tell her everything which he does outside the house. Many women don’t trust their men and definitely, that’s there cheating phobia in them which makes them like this.


Some people need just happiness especially women are in seek of happiness. For the pleasure of happiness women don’t want to get married because after marriage they get little different things which make them uncomfortable and they feel the love between their couple in lost and they are not happy now. So, women don’t get married or don’t want to get married because of this reason too.

Restrictions and Boundedness:

Women are worried about their independence. They think that if they get married they will get restrictions over them and these restrictions will make them bound and they will not be able to do whatever they want to do. The phobia or worriedness about getting restricted makes them able to think, not to get married.

Stop Judging the Woman’s worth in Terms of Relationship to a Man:

Some of the People want to change the culture of judging the woman’s worth in terms of the relationship of her to a man. They need their worth and want to show the world that women can live life easily without a man.

The need for Partner:

Some women don’t ever feel the need for a partner, not sexually and not even in their lives. They think they are complete and they also think that people who get married need other or opposite gender. So no need for partner thinking forces them not to get married.

Commitments Issue:

Women are afraid of commitments issue, they feel either they will not fulfill the commitments or the other person whom they want to get married won’t fill the commitments. These types of women believe in long term relationships.

Privacy Issue:

Some women don’t want to share their privacy with a man so they don’t want to get married.

But if you want to get married then don’t marry the guy who has the following habits:

Don’t Marry a Guy Who Has Following Habits:

Narrow-Minded Person:

The most important part of being in a couple is to understand one another. What if the other person doesn’t understand you because he is narrow-Minded? He doesn’t want you to talk to any other man, or have a friendly behavior with others. Don’t marry a guy who is narrow-minded because this will make your life difficult.

Avoid a Guy Who Doesn’t Give Respect Or Love To Animals:

Don’t marry a guy who doesn’t give respect or love to animals. Animals cannot speak but their emotions can be felt, so a guy who cannot feel the emotions or needs of an animal is not the right guy for you. Giving respect, love, and compassion to animals is an attribute to look for in people.

Don’t Marry a Guy Who Doesn’t Give Value to Relationships:

The person who is not giving value to the relationship, how can he give value to you, your life, your needs, and demands. Marry someone who gives equal rights to each relationship he has whether that is of her mother, father, sister, girlfriend or anybody else.

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Don’t Marry Who Breaks Promises:

The one who can break promises can easily break the trust. So don’t marry a guy who breaks promises.

Dishonesty Can Harm:

Stay Away from dishonest people, they are not trust-worthy.

Steer Clear for People Who Can’t Forgive and Forget:

Don’t marry someone who cannot forgive and forget even your small mistakes. Life is difficult and staying with the person who cannot forget and forgive you on small mistakes will make your life more hard and tough.

Stay Away From Abusive Personality:

Marry a person who knows how to speak and when to speak, who knows why to speak. Who can respect you and others? Marrying a guy who abuses others will one day abuse you and break your trust. So getting hurt afterward, be aware before everything.

Don’t marry a Guy Who Doesn’t Listen to You:

This point leads to the importance of you. If someone is not listening to you how you can be so sure about he will listen or give the time you after marriage. How are you so sure that he loves you? The partner always speaks with you, listen to you and also make corrections when you speak.

Don’t Choose People Who Are Not Emotionally Mature:

Don’t marry a guy who is not mature, who is not practical. Finding someone who still has baby feeding and doesn’t grow mentally and hasn’t grown up then doesn’t choose them. You are not there to make them mature, you need a life partner not a baby to bring up.

Avoid Those Who Make Excuses:

Avoid those men who make excuses. Making excuses and hurting again and again not caring for you is sowing his immaturity, so don’t go for a guy like this.

Avoid Those Men Who Shouts:

The person who shouts shows his nature and behavior, shows that he is not polite. Avoid men who shout because these shows disrespect nature of him.

Don’t Marry a Lair:

Don’t marry a guy who speaks lie to you.

If He does not Put You First, Don’t Marry Him:

A person’s priority should be one whom he loved, whom he wants to get married, whom he wants to start a life with. So don’t marry a guy whose priority isn’t you, this shows your level of importance before him.

The Possessive one Isn’t Life Partner Material:

Don’t marry a guy who is a control freak. His possessiveness will break your independence and make your life hell.


Marry someone who loves you but don’t put restrictions on you. Getting married gives you know life experience and feeling; everyone should feel it and enjoy it once in life to make sure that they have done this too. But we should not marry a person blindly, especially women should avoid the person who abuses them, who likes to win arguments or who is immature, who don’t respect animals and don’t give value to relationships. Get marry a person whose priority is you. Marry a person who wants to start a life with you. And marry someone whom you are comfortable with. Marriage is life’s biggest thing. You should be choosy for it.