Different Cigarette Brands

Cigarette and You:

Marlboro, Gold-leaf, Captain, Dunhill, Mond, Cricket, K-2, Kissan Meleno, and Oris are some famous Pakistani Cigarette brands.

Smoke Hard:

If you want to smoke hard and want to have a good filter then most of the people choose Gold-Leaf (John Player) but if you still want to go more on extreme than you can have Dunhill;

Dunhil Cigarette
Dunhil Cigarette

most importantly Dunhill is the most expensive brand than all of above cigarettes brands. The pack of Dunhill is 180 rupees. And the pack of cigarettes of Gold-Leaf is 150 rupees.

Normal Cigarette:

If we need a normal cigarette that is neither expensive like Dunhill nor cheap like Gold-Leaf and its intensity should be in between Dunhill and Gold-Leaf than you can choose the brand Marlboro. Marlboro is a middle cigarette between gold leaf and Dunhill.

Normal Cigarette

Most Used Brand:

Most of Pakistani used the brand Captain. This is because it has the extremely hard tobaccos and it’s the cheapest of all cigarettes because it is of just 70 rupees which is affordable for many Middle-class Pakistanis. Morven also has the same price as Captain but people like Captain more because of hard tobaccos.


We all know that there are now many flavors available in the modern age. Most of the teenagers who like to have cigarettes need flavors too. For this demand, Oris and Mond have many flavors like orange, apple, mango, banana strawberry, and even mint. Dunhill and Molboro have only mint flavors.

Marlboro Cigarette

And captain and Gold-Leaf are not available in flavors. Yes, there can be different brands but not different flavors for Captain and Gold-leaf due to its hard tobacco.

Flavors of Cigarette

Best Cigarette:

Cigarette Life Sucks You; Remember

But still, Gold-Leaf is the best Cigarette from all of them undoubtedly.

But after all the arguments we still say that cigarettes are unhealthy, they create mumps, Infections, cough, and throat, etc. It does not matter what brand you smoke just read the quantity of the harmful substances mentioned on the side of the pack and pick the least or just quit smoking (Tar 1 mg, Nicotine 0.1 mg). There’s nothing like less harmful cigarettes. The filters do the trick. The density and the number of pores in the filter, the paper used for rolling account for the amount of dilution of smoke before entering the body.

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