How To Grow Your Sales In This Pandemic Time (COVID-19)

How To Grow Your Sales In This Pandemic Time (COVID-19)

Revenue Master Plans for Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Negotiating COVID-19:

COVID-19 called coronavirus, has been declared a world widely pervasive and is having an extraordinary impact on creatures and our economy at large. Times are unsettled and directionless, and while we don’t have all the acknowledgement, we’re doing everything we can to proffer recommendations and suggestions to our consumers and small businesses around the globe.

As retailers are obligatory to close their doors to conflict further COVID-19 outbreak, one of the largest concerns (especially among “non- prerequisite” retailers), is how to reimburse for lost in-store revenue.

How to inject cash flow into your business?


Gift cards give retailers with a sudden remedy of cash and (in most cases) make sure that a consumer will turn to their business again in the future. For work and those strategies which are with especial thin margins, gift cards can help you stay afloat until the crisis passes.

Motivate Others:

To further customers which you want to motivate to want to involve in your business, you can discount gift cards, or even cooperate with supportive local businesses to make co-marketing opportunities that can assist you obtain new customers. Moreover, to lessen the chances of human contact, you should make sure that a digital gift card program is involved in your social media and email marketing campaigns.

Pre-order Strategy:

Work on a pre-order strategy, as consumers know that it’s an especially challenging time for local retailers. Community-based endeavour have taken off to help local small businesses and assist them lock down cash. One focus has been to outright ask consumer to pre-order popular goods—either by paying a deposit or the full cash amount.

Extend Payable:

Extend payable mean on the other side of cash flow is lessening levies. One way to hold onto working capital is to take prolonged to pay suppliers. To protect the integrity (and longevity) of supplier relationships, we suggest retailers work with their suppliers as soon as possible to initiate an agreement they both can live with in the small or short term.

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