What Periods Can Cause In Your Life?

What Periods Can Cause In Your Life?

Every girl gets her periods, and I don’t think any of us are amusingly jumping for joy when it’s that time of the month. Being a woman has many perks and bleeding out from your down part for a week is not one of them. It’s okay to hate your period because it gives you pain and here are the reasons why it just sucks:

The Sore And Painful Cramping:

Nothing is worse than waking up in the morning with cramps and dealing it with the whole of your day. You go to the washroom and see you have your period time, how wonderful. Muscular contraction which in your language called cramps or crampings make you feel like your uterus is going to bust out of your stomach while being bayoneted.

Not fun, and normally we still have to go about our days like our vagina or pussy doesn’t feel like it is slowly killing us. Bloating makes you feel blatant, flagrant and fat. None of your clothes appear to fit and the only thing that you want to have is sweatshirts and sweatpants. But hey, there is something that saves life by giving comfort zone. Try using a heating pad to get that awful muscular contraction to just go the hell away.

Expensive Pads:


 Pads are very expensive, I would much rather be able to spend that money on a new car, or clothes! But alas…! These 7 days were the darkest of your life. Am I right?

Your Periods Can Change Your Mood:


Your periods can change your mood, and worst is that when someone comes up to you and says “oh your mood is changed from happy to sad, you might be on your periods”. Oh, dude..! Come up with periods for only one month and you would know the worth of us and our so-called “mood swings”.

Periods Can Ruin Sex Life:

Although it doesn’t mean you can’t have sex, it’s kind of glaring. This isn’t the case for everyone, some people don’t care or aegis about having sex when the women are on her period even some of the women after 3 days of periods demand sex from their partners but some do care.


Sex can often be too painful during your period because of all the muscular contraction which are basically cramping and bloating that is going on inside you.

The Acne That Comes With Your Period

Although some of us are blessed and do not break out during their period, a lot of women do. You get those few spots on the skin in the same spot every time before your period comes and you know it coming.


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